Video Testimonial

Train For Life


KB-One has been the driving force behind my improvement. Every summer, Kru gets me physically and mentally ready for the upcoming NHL season.
Evander Kane, NHL Athlete - Winnipeg Jets
Kru has brought my game to a level I never knew I could achieve. He truly is an inspiration!
Tanner Glass, NHL Athlete - Pittsburgh Penguins
When I joined Kb-One I had years of martial arts experience already. Master Mehdi is a great instructor and a good man and I had a great time and learned a lot. It is a very friendly environment and I certainly recommend it to anyone who lives at North Shore.
Alireza Fadaie, -
I like it. Good gym. I’ve never boxed before and felt this place is a lot of fun. The other students are all very friendly. Staff are very helpful and good at giving you pointers.
Henry Wang, - Edge Climbing Centre