M.I.T.C.C. Instructor Course

KB-ONE Instructor course will help you to improve your fighters, students, curriculum and business. Kru Mehdi’s instructor course consists of the following levels:


This course will certify you to be a top class assistant instructor, trainer as well as help you to be an instructor for beginner and intermediate students as well as beginner fighters. At the same it will teach you the fundamentals of being a top business owner.


Level III is the final level of the course, this level will help you to be a world class instructor along with being a top fighter trainer. You will also be able to train advanced level fighters and students. By completing Kru Mehdi’s instructor course you will take your standards to the highest level by learning the following:

For Assistant Instructor
  • The art of pad work for any standup fighting style
  • Teaching all levels of Muay Thai
  • Improve your relations with students and fighters
  • Become Top Corner Man
For Top Instructor
  • Proper gear selection
  • Teaching all levels of Muay Thai
  • Motivation for students and fighters (physically and mentally)
  • Great Marketing Skills

Our course will change your life as an instructor and will improve your business as a school owner. This course is brought to you by, Kru Mehdi, who has over 25 years of Martial Arts experience with 15 years of teaching experience. He also has a successful business and a great record of training amateur and professional fighters.

Upon successful completion of all 3 levels of the course you will receive:

  • KB-ONE Instructor Certificates
  • KB-ONE Instructor Plaques
  • Pair of prajit (Muay Thai Traditional Arm Bands)
  • Mongkol (Muay Thai Traditional Head Band)
  • Muay Thai Trainer Certificate from Bangkok, Thailand


  • Level I & II: 10 days, 4hrs per day
  • Level III: 1 week, 4hrs per day
“I have taken a lot of instructional courses of the martial arts, self-defence and law enforcement nature and can easily say that Mehdi’s course is one of the best out there. It is a great course because it breaks down everything and takes into account not only the martial arts aspect, but also the responsibilities of a coach and the business aspects of martial arts such as attraction of new members, retention and a progressive system. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced practitioner of the martial arts, you will definitely benefit from this course.”
Joey de Los Reyes, - Kombat Arts